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Stephen Kearvell 24.2.24

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Even though Stephen has only been turning for some 5 years he has developed woodturning skills that would be the envy of many seasoned woodturners.

When he came to demonstrate for us in February he concentrated on achieving a superb finish before showing different ways of applying colour and other surface decorations.


The photo  of the large bowl above was made as part of the demo. It showed the meticulous finish and the way different colours were applied and blended, followed by sealing and polishing. (The hollowing of the bowl was left for later).

The photos left show examples of different coloured surfaces on bowls that Stephen had previously made.

Below is a link to a YouTube video that shows Stephen turning a vase using an interesting chunk of burled wood. Well worth watching:

He initially turned the outline of a budvase as shown on the photos paying particular attention to achieving flowing lines of the shape. Once an acceptable finish was achieved he applied colour using  hampshiresheen colour stains using tissue paper until an acceptable shade was achieved.