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Richard Findley

Richard is a professional wood turner who has been involved in woodwork since 1996 and has his own workshop, ‘The Turner’s Workshop’ in Leicestershire. He has demonstrated in our club in 1912, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917 & 1918 and is due to visit us again on 15 June 2019. You may also be familiar with Richard’s work from his many magazine articles.

In the following you will see a few of the items and ideas he has shown whilst demonstrating in our club.

The first 2 pictures show a simple leg being turned.

The 3rd photo shows how a simple setup with a router is used to create axial flutes.

The detail of the router cutter is shown with and without the sleeve that determines the depth of the flutes.

To turn this long spindle a special setup was used using a home made wooden tool rest with adjustable support in the middle.

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July 2012

May 2015

May 2016