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Carlyn Lindsay Carlyn demonstrated November 2010 and again October 2011. In November 2010 Carlyn showed us how to glue a number of different coloured veneers together in order to create a laminated block as shown above. This type of block is the start of most of her laminated work some of which is shown here. Hover your mouse over each picture to see a larger image The photos below are from October 2011 when Carlyn turned a little bowl with a large rim similar to the one  shown on this photo. The following 4 photos show how the rim was turned. Notice how most of Carlyn’s work is based on 5 layers of veneer. The first photo below shows the turning of the bowl itself. And the last picture is a small laddle that Carlyne made as the final part of her demonstration. We were fortunate in having Carlyn coming to our club with only a few days notice in October 2011. The demo was very interesting and we expect to see more of Carlyn in the future. To see more details about Carlyn  click on her website here.