SWT www.sandon-woodturners.co.uk A Day with Mark Baker 28 November 2009 Hover your mouse over each picture to see a larger image From this block of beech ... ...to this unusual shape ... combined with other creations Here is a simple example of how acrylic paint (here copper coloured) when heated can create a stippled effect A hollowed form  sprayed with gold ‘plasti-kote. The outside was fluted deeply to crated a an image of the internal shape when held against the light (not shown on the photo as the outside was covered with protective tape). Plywood - would you believe - when glued together as here an be turned as any laminated block of wood ... shown below Using silver to highlight grains in an ebonised bowl in Chestnut wood looks very attractive. combined with other creations The demo was well attended. For latest demo look here