Notes from the AGM

At the AGM on May 27 2015 some of the items discussed were as follows:

Brief statements or reports were given by the president, the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, provisions secretaries, press secretary and the webmaster.

The treasurer in his summary reminisced about the early days and highlighted how the club had grown over the years to become one of the most successful woodturning clubs in England with membership and attendance steadily increasing.

There were concerns expressed that the shop was in need of volunteers with knowledge of wood and how to negotiate with suppliers. The list of new ‘provisions secretaries’  is shown together with other new committee members here.

Of particular interest was the proposal to arrange special hands on sessions following the very successful workshop with Nick Agar in  February. This was agreed and details will follow in due course.

The press secretary will attempt to have articled about our club published in local papers in an effort to spread awareness of our club. Similarly the webmaster will use the present website to highlight all events of relevance to the club.

We have moved

After many years at Blind Lane in Sandon it has been decided that it is time to move on and we are lucky to have identified an alternative, suitable, and better venue within a mile or so from where we are now. Those of you who attend the club meetings will know the address but for security reasons we cannot include it in this website.

The committee and some of the club members have spent many hours preparing the new site. The room has been refurbished with new floor, ceiling and insulated walls. All electrical installations have been carried out and the video cameras and the television screens are now in place. New furniture have been delivered and movement of tools and equipment has been completed. The first demonstration took place on January 30, 2016.

Have a look here for full details.