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July 2012 These photos show in more detail how Tom makes accurate holes for the cartridges using a jig to hold the drill in the tool support. In this demo the bowl included some decoration woodworm holes! October 2012 The 2 bowl were made as well as the pencil holder at the bottom photo. The pencil holder involved a bit of carving using the Proxxon  as shown on the 3rd photo. The base was hollowed out to take the actual pencil holder. Hover your mouse over each photo to see an enlarged image

December 2014:

Tom showed how he applied a template before colouring with a set of sprayguns using spirit stains.

November 2015:

Tom also produced a few Christmas ornaments, based on designs shown in Dale Nish’s book, which has many more ideas to try.

First he made a very attactive leaf bowl which later was decorated with spirit stain.  The spraying gear was all contained in a neat box, including a very quiet compressor. The last picture shows the finished leaf motive.