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Paul Howard,  Februay 2020

In 2½  hours Paul made an owl as shown on this page. There are some 10 step as summarised on this sheet which you can print out.

Cups used to hold the ball between centres

Set up ready for cutting with the router including the segmentation disc fitted behind the chuck

Locking arm for the segmentation disc

Jig for holding nose blank against grinder disc when shaping nose tip

For making the ball Paul used his special rig but if you follow the notes on the summary sheet you don’t need a jig. However, to make the ridges around the eyes a rig to hold the router is necessary unless you are good at carving. The hat again was held using a vacuum chuck but again an ordinary chuck can be used.. The mortarboard could be made of thin plywood or Formica.

Based on the notes above from Paul’s demo the webmaster made a slightly smaller version of the owl as seen here but it took him much longer than 2½ hours!

jig for holding the ball

Another excellent demonstration of how to make one of Paul’s famous owls.