March 2014

APRIL 2015

In the morning Tony started to attack this big bowl of wood. Pointing out the importance of starting at a slow lathe speed he was soon able to increase the speed to some 400 rpm which was safe considering the very heavy lathe we are blessed with in our club.

The photos show the various stages that soon revealed some intersting ‘features’ in the wood.

Notice that the majority of turning was done between centrs in orer to proceeed safely with the speed gradually increased.

The last 3 pictures show the final result.

Tony had developed a number of special gadgets to help when turning. The sanding mandrel above for inside turning of deep vessels and the handheld cabinet scrapers to improve the finish. There were some (spring loaded) sanding pads with very long handles and a special bowl gouge support.

Not many photos were taken on this day. The items produced were a big bowl and a deep hollowed vase. Big items are the hall mark of Tony’s work.

Some of Tony’s impressive work on display.

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In the afternoon Tony completed this attractive bowl.